Public Transport in Crisis – Labour’s Response

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22nd February 2018
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2nd March 2018
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Public Transport in Crisis – Labour’s Response

An analysis by BBC has shockingly revealed that Britain's bus network has shrunk to levels last seen in the late 1980s.

Rising car use and cuts to public funding are being blamed for a loss of 134 million miles of coverage over the past decade alone.

We've seen these effects in Bury with an almost continuous fight with private bus companies consistently under-performing and withdrawing services.It is totally wrong and unsustainable. Change is drastically needed.

Labour committed to fixing this broken system of public transport in it's 2017 Manifesto saying:

"Labour will invest in a modern, integrated, accessible and sustainable transport system that is reliable and affordable.

Our transport systems illustrate the abject failure of Tory policies: relentless deregulation, privatisation and fragmentation. They say we get choice and efficiency but the reality of their transport privatisations has been that services are less reliable, safety is compromised, fares have risen, ticketing has become complicated and air quality has worsened.

Labour will prioritise public service over private profit and we will start by bringing our railways back into public ownership."

Under the Conservatives, bus fares have risen and services have been cut. Labour will introduce regulations to designate and protect routes of critical community value, including those that serve local schools, hospitals and isolated settlements in rural areas.

Pressure on our public transport network hasn't just been confined to buses either. In recent weeks and months, our Metrolink service has been suffering from serious issues on its network and there have been several long running complaints about the state of Bury-line stations.

In response to the recent disruption, Mayor Andy Burnham demanded a full investigation into the problems, stating that compensation "over and above what would be the normal minimum" should be considered.

Metrolink have also looked to receive feedback following the recent disruptions to the service. Please share your thoughts and experiences - and share it around: