Bury Labour - Our Manifesto 2018-2022

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Challenges of Austerity

We live in a challenging time for all public services. Eight long years of Conservative austerity have stripped resources from all public services including the NHS, Police, Fire Service and of course Bury Council.

Bury Council has lost £73m of funding since 2010 and by 2020 that will rise to £100m. The overall cumulative impact of these cuts is to take £300m of Council spending power out of the local economy.

Our Vision

Despite these challenges we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to campaign against the closure of local services, like the Walk In Centres and we will use innovation and creativity, working with our communities to deliver our vision which is:

To make the borough a fairer and better place to live for all of our residents

Shaping our Borough for a Better Future; Our Priorities

In order to meet that vision we have set out the following priorities: • Healthy Lives for All • Bury Best for Business • Protecting and Promoting our local environment • Providing Safe Decent and Affordable Homes • Equipping people for lifelong employment through skills and learning • Creating Safe and Supportive Communities

This Manifesto document sets out how we intend to deliver the above priorities with specific policies over a 4 year period between now and 2022.

Despite the challenges we are committed to keeping the borough as one of the best places to live in the country and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to meet their potential.

Our Priorities

The Conservative's addiction to austerity is the falsest of economies. It is damaging our communities and making it even more difficult for Labour Councils like ours to deliver frontline services.
We will work hard to protect local services but face losing a further £33m in funding between now and 2020 on top of the £65m we have lost since 2011.
Despite these challenges we want to make Bury a more prosperous place for all our residents to live.

Our priorities for a fairer and better Bury are:


Increase the supply of affordable housing

Houses are not just places to live, they are homes, and good quality homes create stronger communities. We will work with developers to increase the supply of affordable housing in Bury, prioritising building on brownfield sites, to create estates with a mix of affordable and energy efficient homes to rent and to buy.


Make Bury the business capital of the North West.

Creating a strong local economy centred on businesses that offer high quality employment is one of our key priorities. We want Bury to be the choice for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses due to our business friendly policies. In return we want those businesses to offer good quality employment and training opportunities to residents.


Improve our educational and training offer

We have an enviable group of primary and secondary schools that work closely with our excellent colleges. We want our population to have the skills that make them employable for life.

So we set up a Life Chances Commission to gathered evidence from a range of businesses, education providers and charities to help devise a plan that will ensure the people of Bury have the right skills to meet the future demands of the economy over the next 5, 10, 15 years and beyond. It will report back in February 2017.


Tackle the steep health inequalities.

We want to close the health inequalities in Bury and improve the population’s health and wellbeing. People in Radcliffe and East Bury live on average 10 years less than those in Ramsbottom and Tottington. Approximately 8,500 households live in fuel poverty in the borough where residents make a regular choice between heating and eating as they cannot afford to do both.

Poverty and poor health go hand in hand. We have to tackle these inequalities at its source, by creating economic properity that benefits the whole borough, upskilling our population, creating good quality homes and improving access to healthcare.


Protect and promote our local environment.

We have already committed to ban fracking on Council land and will focus on the promotion of green and sustainable forms of energy creation. These are not only better for our local environment but can also reduce energy costs. Our green spaces make Bury a special place to live and we will campaign against unmitigated and uncontrolled development that can lead to urban sprawl.


Continue the fight against austerity.

We will continue the fight against austerity as with the campaign to save the Walk In Centres in Bury and Prestwich.