The Latest On Bury’s Homeless Action Partnership

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3rd August 2018
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13th August 2018
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The Latest On Bury’s Homeless Action Partnership

Cllr Eamonn O'Brien with a Range of Partners Who Are Helping the Homeless

A few months back it was announced that another one of Bury Labour’s Manifesto pledges had been fulfilled – that we aimed to establish a Homelessness Partnership across Bury. The Homeless Action Partnership brings together representatives from the public sector, third sector organisations, voluntary groups, faith communities and housing providers to work as one and focus on early intervention and prevention.

A lot has already been done to kick-start the work of the partnership and so this update will run through some of what has already been done through it.

It has become clear that homelessness is a pressure nationally, regionally and locally. It is therefore one of Bury Labour’s and the GM Mayor’s top priorities. As a result, we have been working with the Council to look at innovative ways in which we can tackle this issue.

The voluntary and the third sector are key to us doing things differently and we are glad to be working in partnership with the sector to do things in a different way. The council and the voluntary sector are keen to work together in a different way and the new partnership is the platform for us to make a difference.

The landscape of homelessness has significantly changed in Bury, therefore it is essential that not only is the Council involved in addressing housing needs, but also partners across the sectors. A key element of the Partnership will therefore be to focus on a robust collaboration across the sector, underpinned with a solution focused approach.

It will also engage fully with opportunities to influence policy and strategy.

New Chairs have been announced for the Partnership, who are both housing providers from the Voluntary Sector.

There will be further partnership meetings in the future that will have a clear agenda to address barriers for housing and helping the most vulnerable in our communities.

The partnership will receive support from the Council initially to get started and then hopefully it can move forward with the Council as a partner.

Councillor Eamonn O’Brien, who is the Cabinet Member responsible for Housing and Homelessness, welcomed the work of the partnership, saying: “I was delighted to attend the marketplace and launch event where many organisations both local, regional and national organisations that work in Bury showcased the good work that is going on in Bury. There was a strong sense of commitment in the room to make a difference and to work together on the challenges we face.”