Bury Sees Steep Increase in House Prices – Bury Labour’s Response

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9th October 2017
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Bury Sees Steep Increase in House Prices – Bury Labour’s Response

Bury has recently been highlighted as one of the UK’s property hotspots, with new monthly figures for houses sold in July, showing the biggest year-on-year price growth of anywhere in the UK is Bury.

Bury Council's Labour Leader, Rishi Shori, says that the rise indicates many positives about our Borough, for both urban and rural areas. He said: "We have a lot of great schools for families, a thriving town centre and good transport links with the motorway and Metrolink to Manchester. The accessibility aspect is a particularly important point because around 50% of workers in Bury commute out to other parts of Greater Manchester. This gives people access to employment but without having to move. All of this put together makes it a very attractive place to live.

“However, we are keen to add more affordable housing to the mix.”

It is a growing concern from many families, both in Bury and across the UK, that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Bury Labour has made the aim of increasing affordable housing a top priority and has been successful in bringing forward creative ways of doing so, despite the restrictions from central government.

Councillor Eamonn O'Brien, who is the Cabinet Member for Housing, has stated: "Being able to get on the housing ladder is almost impossible for too many people, especially younger people. If it is just a basic lack of affordable units available, it is sky-high private rents preventing people from saving.

In response, Bury Labour has ensured that over 850 affordable properties have been generated over the last decade, through a variety of means. For example, we have been using Council owned brownfield sites across the Borough to work with Housing Associations to build affordable properties. In other cases, we have required developers to include affordable properties in their plans before they can have their application passed.

On top of that, we have also brought back into use many empty properties and are continuing to bring forward schemes like this.

We know that much more needs to be done however, and that ultimately it is for the government to fix our broken housing market. Only Labour is committed to making sure we have enough affordable housing for all our citizens.