Bury Labour Supports Plans For A University Presence In Our Borough

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24th September 2018
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2nd October 2018
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Bury Labour Supports Plans For A University Presence In Our Borough

Leader of Bury Council, Cllr Rishi Shori, and President and Vice Chancellor of The University of Bolton, Professor George Homes

Bury Labour has welcomed an ambitious joint commitment, between Bury Council and The University of Bolton, aiming to develop education and business in the borough.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by Bury Labour and Council Leader, Councillor Rishi Shori, and the President and Vice Chancellor of The University of Bolton, Professor George Homes.

The MoU outlines how the two bodies will collaborate to develop “substantial” university provision and “state-of-the-art” infrastructure for education, industrial development and economic regeneration in Bury, over the next two years. It also aims to provide opportunities to funnel talented young people from schools through to further education and degrees, and directly into employment, all in one town.

Cllr Shori said: “It is crucial that we are able to provide the best start for young people in terms of education which will greatly increase their employability. This partnership will enable Bury residents to acquire a high quality education to degree level and at the same time help us to retain talented and skilled local people in the borough to assist them in gaining employment which will contribute to and boost the economy.”

Through the collaborative venture, The University of Bolton will gain a significant presence in Bury - initially focusing on a key set of disciplines, including digital technologies, health and well-being, intelligent construction engineering, advanced manufacturing, and technology assisted living.

The partnership will seek to provide a range of higher education, research and education programmes including undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. It will also offer degree apprenticeships, applied research projects, and enterprise activities with industry.

The collaboration will further aim to develop a top quality, modern environment for the knowledge economy in Bury, including a designated “Innovation Zone” and a hub focusing on apprenticeships. The initiative will also fit into Bury Council’s Growth Plan which outlines its future strategy and objectives to to help Bury grow and flourish, while tackling many of the issues around the borough.

Recently approved, the plans centre on the establishment of infrastructure and initiatives around four key areas, concerning priorities for physical, economic, social and environmental growth; and covering matters including supporting employment and jobs, business development, and development of skills at all levels of education. In this vein the initiative will target higher skills development, the creation of new businesses and promote a vision to attract the best young talent, new businesses and people of all generations to live and work in Bury.

Following the first steps taken at the UoM signing, funding structures and income generation options for planned developments will now be hashed out by the Council and The University of Bolton - including a joint bid for government incentives and grants. The institutions will also work closely with other peer organisations in Greater Manchester and beyond to explore further opportunities for funding and mutual collaboration to achieve the UoM’s commitments.

This arrangement will be managed by a steering group of four members, comprising two nominated by each organisation, who will meet regularly.

These plans will also help deliver on some of Bury Labour's Manifesto pledges around equipping people for lifelong employment through skills and learning. More information on this can be found by checking out our Manifesto at www.burylabour.com/manifesto