Bury Labour Manifesto – Lifelong Employment, Skills and Learning

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11th June 2018
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21st June 2018
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Bury Labour Manifesto – Lifelong Employment, Skills and Learning


1. Improve ‘School Readiness’ of Our Children: Combine with colleagues in the health and education sectors to work toward all of the borough’s children reaching a “good level of development” at the time of starting primary school encompassing personal, social, emotional and physical development, communication skills and language by 2022. We will also undertake an analysis of the current nursery provision within the borough to ascertain whether it is meeting the needs of our children.

2. Develop a Curriculum for Life: We want to ensure our younger people not only thrive academically but also socially and emotionally, developing skills that help them become ready for life. We will work to develop a Curriculum for Life to include appropriate advice on sex and relationships, health advice, careers guidance, budgeting and financial skills.

3. Introduce a new Pre-Apprenticeship Scheme: We will invest £50,000 to create a Council sponsored pre-apprenticeship scheme designed to introduce young people into the world of work and business at a younger age than is currently the case and to help them apply what they learn at school in a practical setting. The Council will act as a broker, matching interested schools, pupils and businesses. We will also commit to using this pot to support our existing Backing Young Bury Apprenticeship scheme - set up by Bury Labour in 2012. In particular, we will focus on the pre-apprenticeship and traineeship schemes being developed to help support our borough's Looked-after Children and Care Leavers to access the world of work.

4. Create a new Health & Science Innovation hub: Many jobs of the future will be in science and health related industries. We will work with local education providers to develop a centre of excellence within the borough to provide people of all ages with the ability to re-train or upskill themselves.

5. Campaign for substantial Capital Investment in the Borough’s School Buildings: We will launch a campaign with the borough’s two Labour MPs to obtain funding from the Government to refurbish and rebuild our aging schools. Due to increases in population there is a growing demand for extensions to existing buildings and we want to ensure that our students can learn in an environment that is fit for purpose.

6. Fairer Funding Formula for Schools: We will campaign for a fairer funding settlement from government for our schools so that all Primary Schools within the borough are funded in line with the national average, and that all Primary and Secondary Schools have enough resources to meet rising costs and ensure the education of our children is not compromised.

7. Make effective use of the Apprenticeship Levy: We will work with the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub to ensure that any unspent Apprenticeship Levy in Bury is used to support Small to Medium Enterprises with the focus on taking on apprentices at 16 years old who have previously participated in Bury’s innovative pre-apprenticeship scheme (see above).

8. Promote Life Long Learning: We will continue to support Adult Learning Opportunities in the borough and specifically continue to provide services to improve literacy and numeracy for adults.