Bury Labour Manifesto – Healthy Lives For All

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27th February 2019
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9th March 2019
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Bury Labour Manifesto – Healthy Lives For All

Supporting and improving the health and wellbeing of all our residents is one of our main priorities.

We know that Bury is a great place to live in but we need to ensure that everyone gets the best start in life: that Bury is a great place to grow up, to live and to grow older.


1. Healthy Voucher Scheme: Bury Council will fund a healthy eating scheme for vulnerable families with young children. We will provide vouchers to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and cookery lessons to help them use the fresh produce, and incorporate that into their daily cooking routine.

2. Investment in Children’s Services: We will use revenue generated from Council Tax to help meet the rising cost of children’s social care. We will also look to protect the borough’s remaining children’s centres, and where possible we will endeavour to support existing crossing patrols outside schools.

3. Ante-Natal Health: We will invest in support services including Mental Health services for new mothers.

4. Work with schools to encourage physical activity: Encourage the roll-out of the ‘daily mile’ in schools to increase participation in physical activity.

5. Healthier School Meals: In those schools in which Bury Council provides meals, we will ensure that they are healthy, nutritious and low in sugar to promote better diet and dental health.


1. Investment in Mental Health Services for Children: Deliver £6m worth of investment into mental health services in Bury including focus on prevention in schools, and quicker access for support when children are in crisis. We will look to fast track support for Looked-after Children and Care Leavers.

2. Supportive and Active Lifestyles Walking and Cycling Investment: Combine the Council’s £10 million investment into the borough’s road network with investment (available from the Mayor of Greater Manchester) to make our roads more accessible for cyclists. Specifically, we will bid for a share of a new £50 million Challenge Fund created by the Mayor of Greater Manchester to promote walking and cycling.

3. Securing New 3G/4G Football Pitches: We will work with the Football Association and potential sponsors to secure funding for additional 3G/4G pitches within the borough, for community use.

4. Protecting NHS Services, such as the Walk-in Centres: We will campaign to ensure that Urgent Care services and ‘Walk-in’ services are maintained within the borough. We will work with health and social care providers to create more integrated services for our residents. Our preference will always be that health services are provided locally by the public sector and not private providers focused on profits.

5. Young Savers scheme: We will work with local schools to pilot a young savers scheme linked to Bury Credit Union. Recent data from the Money Advice Trust suggests a third of young people have debts of almost £3,000. We will open accounts for Care Leavers with our credit union offering a contribution of £50 from the Council to encourage saving and borrowing at affordable levels.


1. Breaking down barriers for our veteran community: Bury is a proud Fusilier town. We will work with public sector partners to ensure access to housing and health services is prioritised for veterans. We will deliver free access to Council services (such as leisure facilities) to veterans.

2. Tackle Social Isolation: This is one of the growing challenges of our time. We will focus on bringing communities and different generations together by supporting local community groups with our new £600,000 Social Capital Fund and by improving coordination of public services.

3. Investment in Adult Social Care: We will continue to invest in Adult Care Services, improving the lives of our local residents. We will build on the investment we have made in places such as Redbank Extra Care Scheme, Elmhurst (for respite care) and most recently Killelea by building additional facilities that keep people out of residential care and hospital. By 2022 we will commit to building an additional extra care scheme in Bury.

4. Creating a ‘Friendly’ Borough to support people with Dementia and other hidden disabilities: We will build on the work done to create the Friendly Aware Bury (FAB) Scheme and accredit those businesses that provide employment opportunities for people with hidden disabilities, as well as improving their services for customers who have a hidden disability.

5. Continue to Fight against State Pension Age Inequality for Women: Bury Labour has already moved a motion calling on the Government to end the injustice affecting the tens of thousands of women in the UK impacted by the change in the state pension age. We will continue to campaign and support the Greater Manchester Mayor’s decision to offer free concessionary travel to those affected at their effective date of retirement.

6. Introduce a strengthened anti-poverty strategy: We will invest an additional £200,000 to tackle the causes and effects of poverty caused by Conservative austerity. This work will be aimed at enhancing debt management awareness and training for members of the public relating to the implementation of Universal Credit, implement a Council Tax Exemption for Care Leavers, expand access to ‘holiday hunger’ programmes for children and families, carry out an in-depth review of child care costs in the borough and develop a joint public sector team to focus on improving access to training and employment opportunities.

7. Supporting our Carers: Carers are the hidden heroes of our borough. The last census indicated that the borough had almost 18,000 carers. We will work to ensure our carers’ voices influence policy decisions around improved access to services and assessments. All carers will have access to personalised support to enable them to sustain their caring role and have access to a carers assessment. Carers will have a dedicated service delivered to meet their needs.