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1st June 2018
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11th June 2018
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The economy of the borough is flourishing. Last year we had more new business start-ups than anywhere else in Greater Manchester.

We have a leisure and tourism economy that generates £300m each year.

We have a strong manufacturing and business sector with world leading businesses - but we can do better.

We want to ensure that economic growth is spread across all our six towns of Ramsbottom, Tottington, Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich.

We want to ensure that the borough is the destination of choice for investment that brings high quality employment opportunities.

We want to be at the heart of the digital and green revolutions that are creating employment now and will create the jobs of the future.


1. Creating Space for Business Start Ups - Incubator Hubs: We want it to be as easy as possible to start up a new business in the borough. We will offer Council premises on a rent-free basis for qualifying new start-ups.

2. Bury Business Academy: Starting a new business can be daunting. You may have a great idea but are unfamiliar with the everyday practicalities of running your own business, from doing the accounts to devising a marketing strategy. We will fund a dedicated resource for new businesses which offers practical support in their first 12 months of operation.

3. Small grants/loans to new start ups: We will act as a broker for new start-ups, supporting their bids for grants and low cost loans from regional and national funding pots.


1. Business rates incentive scheme for businesses relocating to Bury: We will expand our current business rates relief scheme for those businesses relocating to the borough in new premises.

2. Transport Infrastructure: We are investing an initial £10m to improve the borough’s road network to help traffic run more smoothly and deal with potholes.

3. Bus Franchising: We are currently working with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on a new system of bus franchising which will make buses more frequent, run to the semi-rural areas of the borough and be more affordable.

4. Increase the number of trams on Metrolink: We will work to deliver an increased number of trams going to and from the borough and Manchester City Centre at peak times.

5. Public Sector Spending, doing more with local businesses: We will work with the other public services that operate in Bury to ensure they purchase goods and services with local suppliers. This will be linked to the ambition that the Council and those businesses that it contracts with, will pay the real living wage by 2020, with the Council favouring suppliers that do not use zero-hour contracts.

6. Green Technologies: We will encourage the investment and development of green technologies driven by the building of new eco-homes. Where possible we will look to retrofit existing Council buildings to ensure that they are more environmentally friendly.

7. Digital Infrastructure: All our businesses should be able to participate in digital life, services and commerce online. We will work to enhance and improve the digital infrastructure in all parts of the borough. Specifically we will look to accelerate market investment by working with broadband providers and the Greater Manchester Mayor to subsidise the cost of implementing schemes. We will work to make the borough a test-bed for the next generation of 5G mobile and accessible Wi-Fi.

8. Grow and develop the cultural, leisure and heritage economy within the borough: We will formally designate a new cultural quarter within the Town Centre of Bury incorporating the Art Gallery and Sculpture Centre, the East Lancs Railway and The Fusilier Museum. We will invest in new signage and advertising so people around Greater Manchester and beyond are aware of what the borough has to offer. We will work with local businesses to develop a discount scheme, so those people traveling to the borough on public transport will receive a discount on goods and services on their day of travel. We will create a ‘1Bury’ ticket to provide access to the borough’s museums and attractions, and offer discounts on goods sold at Bury Market, the Mill Gate Shopping Centre and The Rock. We will create a new artistic/comedy festival building upon the unveiling of the Victoria Wood Statue working with our partners at The Met. We will support the delivery of the Burrs Strategy and invest to improve the Outwood Trail.


Our borough contains townships with their own unique identities. Bury Town Centre is one of the most successful in the North West combining high quality retail, leisure and residential opportunities. Bury Town Centre also currently holds the prestigious Purple Flag status for being one of the safest towns to enjoy an evening out with a thriving night time economy. We will work to ensure that all our towns receive purple flag status. We will work with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and his new Town Centre Challenge initiative to deliver real change over the next four years and specifically:

Prestwich: The £2m delivery of the A56 Regeneration Scheme has helped revive interest in meeting broader regeneration objectives for the Town. Prestwich has been entered as part of the Mayor’s Town Centre Challenge and we will work with business owners and the local community to develop a credible and financially deliverable scheme for the redevelopment of the Longfield Centre and beyond.

Ramsbottom: We will create a Ramsbottom regeneration task force to develop a new masterplan to revitalise the Town Centre to focus on: unlocking and delivering the old Mondi Paper Mill Site for retail/leisure/employment purposes; ensuring that there is greater connectivity to Ramsbottom via public transport; devising a coherent parking strategy for the town; ensure there is greater co-ordination between Ramsbottom’s cultural offer and Bury Town Centre’s leisure offer to ensure that the benefits of both are more widely spread.

Radcliffe Centre: We will build on the recent success of attracting a new multi-million pound Lidl Store and a new operator for Radcliffe Market, with a bold vision to make it a hub of activity in the town centre. We will create a new Masterplan for the Town. We will deliver the development of brownfield sites for housing which will breathe new life and energy into the Town, and which will encourage more inward investment; we will invest in the public realm of the Town Centre to improve its look and feel; we remain committed to a supporting the creation of a new Secondary School in the heart of Radcliffe which will include improved leisure facilities.

Whitefield and Unsworth: We will continue to work with the Whitefield Business Group to devise new strategies to improve parking to support local businesses and also free up disused public sector assets that can be used for dual community/economic benefit including Whitefield and Unsworth Libraries. We will support the redevelopment of Uplands House and any expansion/reconfiguration of Fountain Place off Higher Lane. We will also support the development of new office and retail space in Pilsworth.

Bury: We will continue to support investment in Bury Town Centre to keep it as one of the most popular retail/leisure destinations in the North West. We will invest much-needed capital into Bury Market and seek to build a new Bury Bus Station to include a much improved park and ride facility for those using the Metrolink.

Tottington: We will continue to campaign for improved transport links between Tottington & Ramsbottom and Tottington & Bury. We will work with local business and community groups to understand the aspirations of local people for the town. Specifically we will look to create a Tottington Ward Business Forum connecting local businesses, communities and local government in order to support these businesses to provide the best service and employment opportunities. We will look to realise the full potential of areas of natural beauty such as the Kirklees Valley Local Nature Reserve/Tottington Lines and Two Brooks Valley for both local residents and tourists.